Lead/Calcium profiles in the common time window 1770-2010 of the three Arctica islandica shells, supplement to: Krause-Nehring, Jacqueline; Brey, Thomas; Thorrold, Simon R (2012): Centennial records of lead contamination in northern Atlantic bivalves (Arctica islandica). Marine Pollution Bulletin, 64(2), 233-240

Jacqueline Krause-Nehring, Thomas Brey & Simon R Thorrold
In the study, we establish centennial records of anthropogenic lead pollution at different locations in the North Atlantic (Iceland, USA, and Europe) by means of lead deposited in shells of the long-lived bivalve Arctica islandica. Due to local oceanographic and geological conditions we conclude that the lead concentrations in the Icelandic shell reflect natural influxes of lead into Icelandic waters. In comparison, the lead profile of the US shell is clearly driven by anthropogenic lead...
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