Grain sizes and mineral composition of the basement of ODP Site 206-1256, supplement to: Umino, Susumu (2007): Data report: Textural variation of Units 1256C-18 and 1256D-1 lava pond, with special reference to recrystallization of the base of Unit 1256C-18. In: Teagle, DAH; Wilson, DS; Acton, GD; Vanko, DA (eds.) Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 206, 1-32

Susumu Umino
Hole 1256C was cored 88.5 m into basement, and Hole 1256D, the deep reentry hole, was cored 502 m into basement during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 206. Hole 1256D is located ~30 m south of Hole 1256C (Wilson, Teagle, Acton, et al., 2003, doi:10.2973/ A thick massive flow drilled in both holes, Units 1256C-18 and 1256D-1, consists of a single cooling unit of cryptocrystalline to fine-grained basalt, interpreted as a ponded lava, 32 m and...
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