(Table 1) Geochemistry of ODP Site 160-963 sediments, supplement to: Censi, Paolo; Incarbona, Alessandro; Oliveri, E; Bonomo, Sergio; Tranchida, Giorgio (2010): Yttrium and REE signature recognized in Central Mediterranean Sea (ODP Site 963) during the MIS 6-MIS 5 transition. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 292(1-2), 201-210

Paolo Censi, Alessandro Incarbona, E Oliveri, Sergio Bonomo & Giorgio Tranchida
The Mediterranean Sea acts as a miniature ocean with the development of its own conveyor belt. It constitutes an ideal location to study and forecast how the marine environment responds to rapid climatic change. Here we present a palaeoenvironmental study carried out on the sediments of ODP Site 963, recovered in the Sicily Channel, the sill which divides the western from the eastern Mediterranean basin. We focused on the transition between the penultimate glacial (MIS...
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