Chemical and mineral compositions of recent and ancient sediments and sedimentary rocks from the Mariana Trench, supplement to: Skornyakova, Nadezhda S; Gorbunova, Zinaida N; Kruglikova, Svetlana B; Kuz'mina, Tatyana G; Rudakova, Alevtina N; Ushakova, Maola G (1978): Sediments and sedimentary rocks from the Mariana Trench. Litologiya i Poleznyye Iskopaemyye (Lithology and Mineral Resources), 13(5), 18-32

Nadezhda S Skornyakova, Zinaida N Gorbunova, Svetlana B Kruglikova, Tatyana G Kuz'mina, Alevtina N Rudakova & Maola G Ushakova
On the bed and on the ocean slope of the southern latitudinal part of the Mariana Trench ancient sediments, as well as sedimentary and igneous rocks are exposed. In the lower part of the sampled part of the studied section Late Oligocene to Early Miocene chalk-like limestones and marls occur. Upward marly tuffites and tuffs (apparently alternating with carbonate rocks) occur. These rocks are overlain by Early Miocene tuffaceous clays and siliceous-clayey muds. In the...
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