Geochemical parameters of bottom sediments from the Stromboli Canyon, supplement to: Pilipchuk, Mikhail F; Golovina, M S; Sokolov, Vassily S (1978): Lithological and geochemical properties of recent sediments from the Stromboli Canyon slopes. Litologiya i Poleznyye Iskopaemyye (Lithology and Mineral Resources), 13(5), 38-51

Mikhail F Pilipchuk, M S Golovina & Vassily S Sokolov
In recent sediments of the Stromboli Canyon sides features of mineral and grain size compositions, redox conditions, behavior of Fe, Mn, organic carbon, Mo, and W in an environment of active input of pyroclastic material are considered. Differences in conditions of sedimentation and early diagenesis in the east and west sides of the canyon depending on position of the prevailing direction of drift and steepness of the slopes, as well as types of differentiation of...
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