Geochemistry of Walvis Ridge basalts, supplement to: Salters, Vincent J M; Sachi-Kocher, Afi (2010): An ancient metasomatic source for the Walvis Ridge basalts. Chemical Geology, 273(3-4), 151-167

Vincent J M Salters & Afi Sachi-Kocher
The proposed origins for the Enriched Mantle I component are many and various and some require an arbitrary addition of an exotic component, be it pure sediment or an enriched melt from the subcontinental lithosphere. With Pitcairn, Walvis Ridge is the 'type-locality' for the Enriched Mantle I (EMI) component. We analyzed basalts from DSDP Site 525A, Site 527 and Site 528 on the Walvis Ridge with the aim to constrain the history of its source....
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