Composition of dikes and lavas from the Pito Deep Rift, supplement to: Pollock, Meagen A; Klein, Emily M; Karson, Jeffrey A; Coleman, Drew S (2008): Compositions of dikes and lavas from the Pito Deep Rift: Implications for crustal accretion at superfast spreading centers. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 114, B03207

Meagen A Pollock, Emily M Klein, Jeffrey A Karson & Drew S Coleman
The northwest trending walls of the Pito Deep Rift (PDR), a tectonic window in the southeast Pacific, expose in situ oceanic crust generated ?3 Ma at the superfast spreading southern East Pacific Rise (SEPR). Whole rock analyses were performed on over 200 samples of dikes and lavas recovered from two ~8 km**2 study areas. Most of the PDR samples are incompatible-element-depleted normal mid-ocean ridge basalts (NMORB; (La/Sm)N < 1.0) that show typical tholeiitic fractionation trends....
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