Compositions of paleosols from the Salarevo Formation, Sukhona River valley (Severnaya Dvina basin), supplement to: Yakimenko, EYu; Targul'yan, V O; Chumakov, N M; Arefev, M P; Inozemtsev, S A (2000): Paleosols in Upper Permian sedimentary rocks, Sukhona River (Severnaya Dvina basin). Trauslated from Litologiya i Poleznye Iskopaemye, 2000, 4, 376-390, Lithology and Mineral Resources, 35(4), 331-344

EYu Yakimenko, V O Targul'yan, N M Chumakov, M P Arefev & S A Inozemtsev
Paleosols crop out in the Sukhona River valley as several members up to 10 m thick embedded into the Salarevo Formation sediments. Principal characteristics of the paleosols include a dense network of root channels, indications of eluvial gley alteration, redistribution and formation of secondary carbonates represented by several generations, and formation of block-prismatic soil structure with specific clayey films at structural jointing faces. The paleosols are divided into a number of genetically interrelated horizons (from...
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