Geochemistry, isotopic ratios, granulometry and Uk'37 derived SST of cores obtained during Poseidon cruise POS287, off Portugal, supplement to: Abrantes, Fatima F; Rodrigues, Teresa; Montanari, B; Santos, C; Witt, L; Lopes, Cristina; Voelker, Antje H L (2011): Climate of the last millennium at the southern pole of the North Atlantic Oscillation: an inner-shelf sediment record of flooding and upwelling. Climate Research, 48(2-3), 261-280

Fatima F Abrantes, Teresa Rodrigues, B Montanari, C Santos, L Witt, Cristina Lopes & Antje H L Voelker
Continental and marine conditions during the last millennium off Porto, Portugal (the southern pole of the North Atlantic Oscillation, NAO), are reconstructed from a sediment archive through a high-resolution multiproxy study and instrumental evidence. Results show multidecadal variability and sea surface temperatures (SSTs) that correlate well with previously published land and sea-based Northern Hemisphere temperature records, and appear to be responding to long-term solar insolation variability. Precipitation was negatively correlated with the NAO, whereas strong...
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