Mosaic image of the artificial light produced by Berlin on the night of September 11, 2010 observed from an altitude of 10,000 ft, supplement to: Kuechly, Helga U; Kyba, Christopher C M; Ruhtz, Thomas; Lindemann, Carsten; Wolter, Christian; Fischer, Jürgen; Hölker, Franz (2012): Aerial survey and spatial analysis of sources of light pollution in Berlin, Germany. Remote Sensing of Environment, 126, 39-50

Helga U Kuechly, Christopher C M Kyba, Thomas Ruhtz, Carsten Lindemann, Christian Wolter, Jürgen Fischer & Franz Hölker
Aerial observations of light pollution can fill an important gap between ground based surveys and nighttime satellite data. Terrestrially bound surveys are labor intensive and are generally limited to a small spatial extent, and while existing satellite data cover the whole world, they are limited to coarse resolution. This paper describes the production of a high resolution (1 m) mosaic image of the city of Berlin, Germany at night. The dataset is spatially analyzed to...
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