Stable carbon and oxygen isotope record od IODP Hole 306-U1313, supplement to: Ferretti, Patrizia; Crowhurst, Simon J; Hall, Michael A; Cacho, Isabel (2010): North Atlantic millennial-scale climate variability 910 to 790 ka and the role of the equatorial insolation forcing. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 293(1-2), 28-41

Patrizia Ferretti, Simon J Crowhurst, Michael A Hall & Isabel Cacho
The Mid-Pleistocene transition (MPT) was the time when quasi-periodic (? 100 kyr), high-amplitude glacial variability developed in the absence of any significant change in the character of orbital forcing, leading to the establishment of the characteristic pattern of late Pleistocene climate variability. It has long been known that the interval around 900 ka stands out as a critical point of the MPT, when major glaciations started occurring most notably in the northern hemisphere. Here we...
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