Abundances and contents of major silicoflagellates from IODP Holes of Exp302, supplement to: Onodera, Jonaotaro; Takahashi, Kozo (2009): Taxonomy and biostratigraphy of middle Eocene silicoflagellates in the central Arctic Basin. Micropaleontology, 55(2-3), 209-248

Jonaotaro Onodera & Kozo Takahashi
The silicoflagellate taxa obtained in IODP Expedition 302 (ACEX) were identified and counted in order to establish the silicoflagellate biostratigraphy in the central Arctic Ocean. These microfossils in the ACEX samples were preserved in the Lithology Units 1/6 and 2, which are dark silty clay and biosiliceous ooze, respectively. The silicoflagellate skeletons in the ACEX samples are assigned to 56 taxa. Seven taxa were described as new species, which were abundant in Lithology Unit 2....
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