(Table 1) Magnetic susceptibility from IODP Hole 308-U1322B, supplement to: Meissl, Sandra; Behrmann, Jan Hinrich; Franke, Christine (2011): Magnetic fabrics in Quaternary sediments, Ursa Basin, northern Gulf of Mexico record transport processes, compaction and submarine slumping. Marine Geology, 286(1-4), 51-64

Sandra Meissl, Jan Hinrich Behrmann & C Franke
The continental slope of the northern Gulf of Mexico seaward of the Mississippi Delta is characterized by very rapid Quaternary sedimentation. Thick sequences of underconsolidated muds and mudstones are present, which are severely overpressured. In the Ursa Basin, Site U1322 of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) provided an excellent coring record of interleaved fine-grained turbidites and hemipelagic sediments, in part severely affected by submarine slumping and sliding after deposition. Cores were continuously sampled and...
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