Permeability measurements on sheared and unsheared samples from different IODP Holes of Leg 316 and from IODP Hole 315-C0001E and ODP Hole 190-1174B, supplement to: Ikari, Matt J; Saffer, Demian M (2012): Permeability contrasts between sheared and normally consolidated sediments in the Nankai accretionary prism. Marine Geology, 295-298, 1-13

Matt J Ikari & Demian M Saffer
At subduction zones, the permeability of major fault zones influences pore pressure generation, controls fluid flow pathways and rates, and affects fault slip behavior and mechanical strength by mediating effective normal stress. Therefore, there is a need for detailed and systematic permeability measurements of natural materials from fault systems, particularly measurements that allow direct comparison between the permeability of sheared and unsheared samples from the same host rock or sediment. We conducted laboratory experiments to...
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