(Table 2) Consolidation properties of IODP Exp308 whole rock samples, supplement to: Long, H; Flemings, Peter B; Germaine, John T; Saffer, Demian M (2011): Consolidation and overpressure near the seafloor in the Ursa Basin, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 305(1-2), 11-20

H Long, Peter B Flemings, John T Germaine & Demian M Saffer
In mudstones of the Ursa Basin, Gulf of Mexico, the volume of voids to solids, or void ratio, ranges from 4 (porosity = 80%) at the seafloor to 0.6 (porosity = 37%) at 600 m below seafloor. This seven-fold change in void ratio can only be described by a compaction model that includes greater sediment stiffening with stress than has commonly been used in geotechnical or geological approaches. Through uniaxial consolidation experiments, we show that...
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