Porewater concentrations, pH, single cell number, anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM) rate, sulfate reduction (SR) rate of samples during METEOR cruise M76/3b at the REGAB cold seep site from the West African margin in 2008

Petra Pop Ristova, Frank Wenzhöfer, Alban Ramette, Matthias Zabel, David Fischer, Sabine Kasten & Antje Boetius
The giant pockmark REGAB (West African margin, 3160 m water depth) is an active methane-emitting cold seep ecosystem, where the energy derived from microbially mediated oxidation of methane supports high biomass and diversity of chemosynthetic communities. Bare sediments interspersed with heterogeneous chemosynthetic assemblages of mytilid mussels, vesicomyid clams and siboglinid tubeworms form a complex seep ecosystem. To better understand if benthic bacterial communities reflect the patchy distribution of chemosynthetic fauna, all major chemosynthetic habitats at...
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