Surface data of the Peru-Chile Current, relative abundance of diatoms, supplement to: Romero, Oscar E; Hebbeln, Dierk (2003): Biogenic silica and diatom thanatocoenosis in surface sediments below the Peru-Chile Current: controlling mechanisms and relationship with productivity of surface waters. Marine Micropaleontology, 48(1-2), 71-90

Oscar E Romero & Dierk Hebbeln
Based on 76 surface sediment samples collected between ca. 22° and 44°S along the Chilean coast in the southeast Pacific Ocean, we report on the north-south distribution of opal content and diatom concentration, and the quantitative and qualitative composition of the preserved diatom community. Latitudinal differences in the siliceous signal reflect the influence of two main mechanisms of surface water production: coastal upwelling off northern and central Chile till ca. 38°S, and nutrient enrichment by...
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