Coccolithophores in surface sediments of the Arabian Sea (TAble 1), supplement to: Andruleit, Harald; Rogalla, U (2002): Coccolithophores in surface sediments of the Arabian Sea in relation to environmental gradients in surface waters. Marine Geology, 186(3-4), 505-526

Harald Andruleit & U Rogalla
One hundred surface sediment samples of the Arabian Sea (Indian Ocean) were investigated and relative abundances of coccoliths were compared to mean annual gradients of temperature, salinity, chlorophyll, PO4 and mixed layer depth. Total coccolith concentrations ranged from 42*10**6/g sediment in coastal areas to more than 19000*10**6/g sediment in oceanic regions. The general distribution does not seem to be dependent on coccolithophore productivity in surface waters alone, but also on the diluting input of terrigenous...
269 citations reported since publication in 2002.
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