Age determination and paleomagnetic investigations on a sediment profile from laguna Potrok Aike, supplement to: Lisé-Pronovost, Agathe; St-Onge, Guillaume; Gogorza, Claudia; Haberzettl, Torsten; Preda, Michel; Kliem, Pierre; Francus, Pierre; Zolitschka, Bernd; PASADO Science Team (2013): High-resolution paleomagnetic secular variations and relative paleointensity since the Late Pleistocene in southern South America. Quaternary Science Reviews, 71(1), 91-108

Agathe Lisé-Pronovost, Guillaume St-Onge, Claudia Gogorza, Torsten Haberzettl, Michel Preda, Pierre Kliem, Pierre Francus, Bernd Zolitschka &
Paleomagnetic inclination, declination and relative paleointensity were reconstructed from the sediments of Laguna Potrok Aike in the framework of the International Continental scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) Potrok Aike maar lake Sediment Archive Drilling prOject (PASADO). Here we present the u-channel-based full vector paleomagnetic field reconstruction since 51.2 ka cal BP. The relative paleointensity proxy (RPI) was built by normalising the natural remanent magnetisation with the anhysteretic remanent magnetisation using the average ratio at 4 demagnetisation...
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