Petrology of basalts from DSDP Hole 83-504B

Pamela D Kempton, Laurie K Autio, J M Rhodes, M J Holdaway, Michael A Dungan & P Johnson
Basalts from Hole 504B, Leg 83, exhibit remarkable uniformity in major and trace element composition throughout the 1075.5 m of basement drilled. The majority of the basalts, Group D', have unusual compositions relative to normal (Type I) mid-ocean ridge basalts (MORB). These basalts have relatively high mg values (0.60-0.70) and CaO abundances (11.7-13.7%; Ca/Al = 0.78-0.89), but exhibit a marked depletion in compatible trace elements (Cr and Ni); moderately incompatible trace elements (Zr, Y, Ti,...
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