Surface water properties, phytoplankton composition and photosynthesis rates of Amundsen Sea sites

Anne-Carlijn Alderkamp, Matthew M Mills, Gert L van Dijken, Patrick Laan, Charles-Edouard Thuróczy, Loes J A Gerringa, Hein J W de Baar, Christopher D Payne, Ronald J W Visser, Anita G J Buma & Kevin R Arrigo
The phytoplankton community composition and productivity in waters of the Amundsen Sea and surrounding sea ice zone were characterized with respect to iron (Fe) input from melting glaciers. High Fe input from glaciers such as the Pine Island Glacier, and the Dotson and Crosson ice shelves resulted in dense phytoplankton blooms in surface waters of Pine Island Bay, Pine Island Polynya, and Amundsen Polynya. Phytoplankton biomass distribution was the opposite of the distribution of dissolved...
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