Response of marine palynomorphs to Neogene climate cooling in the Iceland Sea, ODP Hole 151-907A

Michael Schreck, Marie Méheust, Ruediger Stein & Jens Matthiessen
The present study on ODP Leg 151 Hole 907A combines a detailed analysis of marine palynomorphs (dinoflagellate cysts, prasinophytes, and acritarchs) and a low-resolution alkenone-based sea-surface temperature (SST) record for the interval between 14.5 and 2.5 Ma, and allows to investigate the relationship between palynomorph assemblages and the paleoenvironmental evolution of the Iceland Sea.A high marine productivity is indicated in the Middle Miocene, and palynomorphs and SSTs both mirror the subsequent long-term Neogene climate deterioration....
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