Log-ratio of silica to aluminium counts (ln(Si/Al)) from ODP site 108-658, supplement to: Meckler, Anna Nele; Sigman, Daniel M; Gibson, Kelly A; Francois, Roger; Martínez‐García, Alfredo; Jaccard, Samuel L; Röhl, Ursula; Peterson, Larry C; Tiedemann, Ralf; Haug, Gerald H (2013): Deglacial pulses of deep-ocean silicate into the subtropical North Atlantic Ocean. Nature, 495(7442), 495-498

Anna Nele Meckler, Daniel M Sigman, Kelly A Gibson, Roger Francois, Alfredo Martínez‐García, Samuel L Jaccard, Ursula Röhl, Larry C Peterson, Ralf Tiedemann & Gerald H Haug
Growing evidence suggests that the low atmospheric CO2 concentration of the ice ages resulted from enhanced storage of CO2 in the ocean interior, largely as a result of changes in the Southern Ocean1. Early in the most recent deglaciation, a reduction in North Atlantic overturning circulation seems to have driven CO2 release from the Southern Ocean**2, 3, 4, 5, but the mechanism connecting the North Atlantic and the Southern Ocean remains unclear. Biogenic opal export...
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