Body mass, flipper length, oxidative balance indices and telomere length of king penguin chicks (A. patagonicus) on Possession Island, supplement to: Geiger, Sylvie; le Vaillant, Maryline; Lebard, Thomas; Reichert, Sophie; Stier, Antoine; Le Maho, Yvon; Criscuolo, Francois (2012): Catching-up but telomere loss: half-opening the black box of growth and ageing trade-off in wild king penguin chicks. Molecular Ecology, 21(6), 1500-1510

Sylvie Geiger, Maryline le Vaillant, Thomas Lebard, Sophie Reichert, Antoine Stier, Yvon Le Maho & Francois Criscuolo
One of the reasons for animals not to grow as fast as they potentially could is that fast growth has been shown to be associated with reduced lifespan. However, we are still lacking a clear description of the reality of growth-dependent modulation of ageing mechanisms in wild animals. Using the particular growth trajectory of small king penguin chicks naturally exhibiting higher-than-normal growth rate to compensate for the winter break, we tested whether oxidative stress and...
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