Oxygen- and carbon-isotopes at DSDP Leg 73 Holes

Helmut J Weissert, Judith A McKenzie, R Wright, Murlene W Clark, Hedi Oberhänsli & Martin Casey
We established a composite oxygen- and carbon-isotope stratigraphy for the Pliocene in the central South Atlantic. Monospecific samples of benthic and planktonic foraminifers from pelagic sediments from DSDP Sites 519, 521, 522, and 523 were analyzed isotopically. The resulting benthic oxygen-isotope stratigraphy allowed three paleoclimatic periods in the Pliocene to be distinguished. During the early Pliocene (5.2-3.3 Ma), low-amplitude climatic changes prevailed in a world that was less glaciated than during the Pleistocene. A net...
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