Coccolithophora and geochemistry of sapropel S1 in ODP Hole 160-964B, supplement to: Incarbona, Alessandro; Ziveri, Patrizia; Sabatino, Nadia; Salvagio Manta, Daniela; Sprovieri, Mario (2011): Conflicting coccolithophore and geochemical evidence for productivity levels in the Eastern Mediterranean sapropel S1. Marine Micropaleontology, 81(3-4), 131-143

Alessandro Incarbona, Patrizia Ziveri, Nadia Sabatino, Daniela Salvagio Manta & Mario Sprovieri
The cyclic development of anoxic conditions in the eastern Mediterranean deep sea waters is one of the most fascinating research topics in paleoceanographic studies. In combination with bottom water stagnation, enhanced primary production is a common explanation for the deposition of organic-rich layers (sapropels). This is supported by extensive evidence from both geochemical and micropaleontological studies. The correspondence of recent sapropel layers with peaks of the lower photic zone coccolithophore species Florisphaera profunda has been...
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