Contamination and invertebrate presence on food transported to Antarctica

Kevin A Hughes, Jennifer E Lee, Megumu Tsujimoto, Satoshi Imura, Dana Michelle Bergstrom, Chris Ware, Marc Lebouvier, Ad H L Huiskes, Niek J M Gremmen, Yves Frenot, Paul D Bridge & Steven L Chown
To understand fully the risk of biological invasions, it is necessary to quantify propagule pressure along all introduction pathways. In the Antarctic region, importation of fresh produce is a potentially high risk, but as yet unquantified pathway. To address this knowledge gap, >11,250 fruit and vegetables sent to nine research stations in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands, were examined for associated soil, invertebrates and microbial decomposition. Fifty-one food types were sourced from c. 130 locations...
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