Sulfur isotope rations in oceanic basement samples, supplement to: Ono, Shuhei; Keller, Nicole S; Rouxel, Olivier J; Alt, Jeffrey C (2012): Sulfur-33 constraints on the origin of secondary pyrite in altered oceanic basement. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 87, 323-340

Shuhei Ono, Nicole S Keller, Olivier J Rouxel & Jeffrey C Alt
Low temperature alteration of oceanic basement rocks is characterized by net gain of sulfur, which commonly yields low d34S values, suggesting involvement of microbial sulfate reduction. In order to test whether secondary sulfide minerals are consistent with a biogenic source, we apply high precision multiple sulfur isotope analysis to bulk rock sulfide and pyrite isolates from two contrasting types of altered oceanic basement rocks, namely serpentinized peridotites and altered basalts. Samples from two peridotite sites...
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