Tiepoints for ODP Site 108-658

Anna Nele Meckler, Daniel M Sigman, Kelly A Gibson, Roger Francois, Alfredo Martínez‐García, Samuel L Jaccard, Ursula Röhl, Larry C Peterson, Ralf Tiedemann & Gerald H Haug
XRF match: matching XRF-derived Ca counts from 658A/B to %CaCO3 from radiocarbon-dated 658C (deMenocal et al. 2000; Quaternary Science Reviews; 658C age model as in Adkins et al., 2006, Paleoceanography).d18O: matching benthic d18O from 658A/B (Sarnthein and Tiedemann 1990, Paleoceanography) to same data versus age as contained in the LR04 stack (Lisiecki and Raymo 2005).Zr/Al - HI match: matching Zr/Al from Site 658 to grainsize-based humidity index data from GeoB7920-2 (Tjallingii et al. 2008).
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