X-ray fluorescence scannings, diatoms, and dinocyst of ODP Site 189-1172

Ursula Röhl, Henk Brinkhuis, Catherine E Stickley, Michael D Fuller, Stephen A Schellenberg, Gerold Wefer & Graham L Wiliams
Eocene sediments drilled at the East Tasman Plateau (ETP) exhibit well-defined cycles, high-resolution magnetic stratigraphy, and environmentally-controlled dinoflagellate and diatom distribution patterns. We derive a cyclostratigraphy from the spectral analysis of high-resolution elemental concentration records (Ca, Fe) for this shallow marine time series spanning the middle to early late Eocene (C16n.2n - C21). Changes in carbonate content, the ratio between Gonyaulacoid and Peridinioid dinocysts, and relative abundance of "oligotrophic" diatoms serve as proxies for a...
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