Age models of ODP sites from the Barents Sea-Svalbard region

Jochen Knies, Jens Matthiessen, Christoph Vogt, Jan Sverre Laberg, Berit O Hjelstuen, Morten Smelror, Eiliv Larsen, Karin Andreassen, Tor Eidvin & Tore O Vorren
Based on a revised chronostratigraphy, and compilation of borehole data from the Barents Sea continental margin, a coherent glaciation model is proposed for the Barents Sea ice sheet over the past 3.5 million years (Ma). Three phases of ice growth are suggested: (1) The initial build-up phase, covering mountainous regions and reaching the coastline/shelf edge in the northern Barents Sea during short-term glacial intensification, is concomitant with the onset of the Northern Hemisphere Glaciation (3.6-2.4...
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