(Table S5) Magneto-bio stratigraphic tie points for IODP site 318-U1359D

Lisa Tauxe, Catherine E Stickley, Saiko Sugisaki, Peter K Bijl, Steven M Bohaty, Henk Brinkhuis, Carlota Escutia Dotti, José-Abel Flores, Alexander J P Houben, Masao Iwai, Francisco J Jiménez-Espejo, Robert M McKay, Sandra Passchier, Jörg Pross, Christina R Riesselman, Ursula Röhl, Francesca Sangiorgi, Kevin Welsh, Adam Klaus, Annick Fehr, James A Bendle, Robert G Dunbar, J Gonzales, Travis Hayden, Kota Katsuki … & Masako Yamane
All ages in Ma and calibrated to GTS04 [Gradstein et al., 2004]. All depths in mbsf. D: diatoms, R: radiolarians, CN: calcareous nannofossils, PL: dinocysts, F: foraminifers, PM: paleomagnetic tie point. FO: first occurrence, LO: last occurrence, FCO : first common occurrence, FAO: first abundant occurrence, y = young, o = old. The median age of the Average Range Model of Cody et al. [2008] is assigned for Neogene diatom events. Radiolarians: For sediments younger...
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