Mineralogy and geochemistry at DSDP Leg 64 Holes

Kerry Kelts
At DSDP Site 477, late Quaternary diatomaceous muds and delta-derived silty-sand turbidites at 2000 meters water depth have been extensively and progressively altered by a deep-seated heat source beneath a sill. Bulk petrologic and microprobe analyses have identified a crudely zoned paragenesis within 260 meters sub-bottom which ranges from unaltered to slightly altered oozes (0-50 m), anhydrite-dolomite claystones (105-125 m), illite-chlorite-pyrite claystones (125-140 m), chlorite-pyrite-calcite-carbonaceous claystones with traces of K-feldspar, albite, epidote (140-190 m), and...
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