Effects of Ocean Acidification on calcification and biochemical balance of the Mediterranean red coral Corallium rubrum

Lorenzo Bramanti, Juancho Movilla, Maricel Guron, Eva Calvo, Andrea Gori, Carlos Dominguez-Cariò, Jordi Grinyó, Angel Lopez-Sanz, Angela Martinez-Quintana, Carles Pelejero, Patrizia Ziveri & Sergio Rossi
We evaluated the effects of low pH on Corallium rubrum from aquaria experiments. Several colonies of C. rubrum were long-term maintained for 314 days in aquaria at two different pH levels (8.10 and 7.81, pHT). Calcification rate, spicule morphology, major biochemical constituents (protein, carbohydrates and lipids) and fatty acids composition were measured periodically. Exposure to lower pH conditions caused a significant decrease in the skeletal growth rate in comparison to the control treatment. Similarly, the...
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