Physiological and ecological variables measured at the high and low pCO2 reef sections, supplement to: Fabricius, Katharina Elisabeth; Langdon, Chris; Uthicke, Sven; Humphrey, Craig; Noonan, Sam; De'ath, Glenn; Okazaki, Remy; Muehllehner, Nancy; Glas, Martin S; Lough, Janice M (2011): Losers and winners in coral reefs acclimatized to elevated carbon dioxide concentrations. Nature Climate Change, 1(3), 165-169

Katharina Elisabeth Fabricius, Chris Langdon, Sven Uthicke, Craig Humphrey, Sam Noonan, Glenn De'ath, Remy Okazaki, Nancy Muehllehner, Martin S Glas & Janice M Lough
Experiments have shown that ocean acidification due to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations has deleterious effects on the performance of many marine organisms. However, few empirical or modelling studies have addressed the long-term consequences of ocean acidification for marine ecosystems. Here we show that as pH declines from 8.1 to 7.8 (the change expected if atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations increase from 390 to 750 ppm, consistent with some scenarios for the end of this century)...
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