Heavy mineral and bulk mineral compositions of cores from Kumano Basin, supplement to: Usman, Muhammed Ojoshogu; Masago, Hideki; Winkler, Wilfried; Strasser, Michael (2014): Mid Quaternary decoupling of sediment routing in the Nankai Forearc revealed by provenance analysis of turbiditic sands. International Journal of Earth Sciences

Muhammed Ojoshogu Usman, Hideki Masago, Wilfried Winkler & Michael Strasser
Coring during Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expeditions 315, 316, and 333 recovered turbiditic sands from the forearc Kumano Basin (Site C0002), a Quaternary slope basin (Site C0018), and uplifted trench wedge (Site C0006) along the Kumano Transect of the Nankai Trough accretionary wedge offshore of southwest Japan. The compositions of the submarine turbiditic sands here are investigated in terms of bulk and heavy mineral modal compositions to identify their provenance and dispersal mechanisms, as they...
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