X-ray fluorescence (XRF) scannings and grain size analysis at sites in the Gulf of Cádiz, supplement to: Bahr, André; Jiménez-Espejo, Francisco Jose; Kolasinac, Nada; Grunert, Patrick; Hernandéz-Molina, Francisco Javier; Röhl, Ursula; Voelker, Antje H L; Escutia, Carlota; Stow, Dorrik A V; Alvarez Zarikian, Carlos A; Hodell, David A (2014): Deciphering bottom current strength and paleoclimate signals from contourite deposits in the Gulf of Cádiz during the last 140 kyr: an inorganic geochemical approach. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 15(8), 3145-3160

André Bahr, Francisco Jose Jiménez-Espejo, Nada Kolasinac, Patrick Grunert, Francisco Javier Hernandéz-Molina, Ursula Röhl, Antje H L Voelker, Carlota Escutia, Dorrik A V Stow, Carlos A Alvarez Zarikian & David A Hodell
Contourites in the Gulf of Cádiz preserve a unique archive of Mediterranean Outflow Water (MOW) variability over the past 5.3 Ma. In our study we investigate the potential of geochemical data obtained by XRF scanning to decipher bottom current processes and paleoclimatic evolution at two different sites drilled through contourite deposits in the northern Gulf of Cadiz: Site U1387, which is bathed by the upper MOW core, and Site U1389, located more proximal to the...
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