Seawater carbonate chemistry, productivity and calcification of Marginopora vertebralis in a laboratory experiment, supplement to: Uthicke, Sven; Fabricius, Katharina Elisabeth (2012): Productivity gains do not compensate for reduced calcification under near-future ocean acidification in the photosynthetic benthic foraminifer species Marginopora vertebralis. Global Change Biology, 18(9), 2781-2791

Sven Uthicke & Katharina Elisabeth Fabricius
Changes in the seawater carbonate chemistry (ocean acidification) from increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2 ) concentrations negatively affect many marine calcifying organisms, but may benefit primary producers under dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) limitation. To improve predictions of the ecological effects of ocean acidification, the net gains and losses between the processes of photosynthesis and calcification need to be studied jointly on physiological and population levels. We studied productivity, respiration, and abundances of the symbiont-bearing foraminifer...
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