Water temperature and salinity data from southern elephant seals from Marion Island

Fabien Roquet, Stefan Wunsch, Gael Forget, Patrick Heimbach, Christophe Guinet, Gilles Reverdin, Jean-Benoît Charrassin, Frederic Bailleul, Daniel P Costa, Luis A Huckstadt, Kimberly T Goetz, Kit Maureen Kovacs, Christian Lydersen, Martin Biuw, Ole Anders Nøst, Horst Bornemann, Joachim Plötz, Marthán Nieuwoudt Bester, Trevor McIntyre, Monica C Muelbert, Mark A Hindell, Clive R McMahon, Guy Williams, Robert Harcourt, Iain C Field … & Mike A Fedak
Over the last decade, several hundred seals have been equipped with conductivity-temperature-depth sensors in the Southern Ocean for both biological and physical oceanographic studies. A calibrated collection of seal-derived hydrographic data is now available, consisting of more than 165,000 profiles. The value of these hydrographic data within the existing Southern Ocean observing system is demonstrated herein by conducting two state estimation experiments, differing only in the use or not of seal data to constrain the...
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