Coccolithosphores and fossil organic compounds of sediment core MD01-2444, supplement to: Incarbona, Alessandro; Martrat, Belén; Di Stefano, Enrico; Grimalt, Joan O; Pelosi, Nicola; Patti, Bernardo; Tranchida, Giorgio (2010): Primary productivity variability on the Atlantic Iberian Margin over the last 70,000 years: Evidence from coccolithophores and fossil organic compounds. Paleoceanography, 25(2), PA2218

Alessandro Incarbona, Belén Martrat, Enrico Di Stefano, Joan O Grimalt, Nicola Pelosi, Bernardo Patti & Giorgio Tranchida
This study analyzes coccolithophore abundance fluctuations (e.g., Emiliania huxleyi, Gephyrocapsa specimens, and Florisphaera profunda) in core MD01-2444 sediment strata retrieved at the Iberian Margin, northeastern Atlantic Ocean. Coccolithophores are calcareous nannofossils, a major component of the oceanic phytoplankton, which provide information about past ecological and climatological variability. Results are supported by data on fossil organic compounds (sea surface temperatures, alkenones, and n-hexacosan-1-ol index) and geochemical analyses (benthic d13Ccc and planktonic d18Occ isotopes). Three scenarios are...
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