Holocene millenial-scale productivity record in the Mediterranean Sea, supplement to: Incarbona, Alessandro; Di Stefano, Enrico; Patti, Bernardo; Pelosi, Nicola; Bonomo, Sergio; Mazzola, Salvatore; Sprovieri, Rodolfo; Tranchida, Giorgio; Zgozi, Salem; Bonanno, Angelo (2008): Holocene millennial-scale productivity variations in the Sicily Channel (Mediterranean Sea). Paleoceanography, 23(3), PA3204

Alessandro Incarbona, Enrico Di Stefano, Bernardo Patti, Nicola Pelosi, Sergio Bonomo, Salvatore Mazzola, Rodolfo Sprovieri, Giorgio Tranchida, Salem Zgozi & Angelo Bonanno
The calcareous nannofossil assemblages of Ocean Drilling Program Hole 963D from the central Mediterranean Sea have been investigated to document oceanographic changes in surface waters. The studied site is located in an area sensitive to large-scale atmospheric and climatic systems and to high- and low-latitude climate connection. It is characterized by a high sedimentation rate (the achieved mean sampling resolution is <70 years) that allowed the Sicily Channel environmental changes to be examined in great...
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