Coccolithophores from near the Volturno estuary (central Tyrrhenian Sea), supplement to: Bonomo, Sergio; Cascella, Antonio; Alberico, I; Ferraro, Luciana; Giordano, L; Lirer, Fabrizio; Vallefuoco, Mattia; Marsella, E (2014): Coccolithophores from near the Volturno estuary (central Tyrrhenian Sea). Marine Micropaleontology, 111, 26-37

Sergio Bonomo, Antonio Cascella, I Alberico, Luciana Ferraro, L Giordano, Fabrizio Lirer, Mattia Vallefuoco & E Marsella
We present the distribution pattern of living and surface sediment coccolithophores, the main phytoplankton calcifying group, from 22 stations set in a neritic environment (from 10 to 50 m water depth), adjacent to the shelf area of the Volturno River mouth (Gulf of Gaeta - central part of the Tyrrhenian Sea). The survey conducted in June 2012 included five transects perpendicular to the coast, which enabled us to provide indications on the structure of calcareous...
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