Halogen deposition in polar snow and ice, supplement to: Spolaor, Andrea; Vallelonga, Paul T; Gabrieli, Jacopo; Martma, Tõnu; Björkman, M P; Isaksson, Elisabeth; Cozzi, Giulio; Turetta, Clara; Kjær, Helle Astrid; Curran, Mark A J; Moy, Andrew D; Schönhardt, Anja; Blechschmidt, Anne-Marlene; Burrows, John Philip; Plane, J M C; Barbante, Carlo (2014): Seasonality of halogen deposition in polar snow and ice. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14(6), 9613-9622

Andrea Spolaor, Paul T Vallelonga, Jacopo Gabrieli, Tõnu Martma, M P Björkman, Elisabeth Isaksson, Giulio Cozzi, Clara Turetta, Helle Astrid Kjær, Mark A J Curran, Andrew D Moy, Anja Schönhardt, Anne-Marlene Blechschmidt, John Philip Burrows, J M C Plane & Carlo Barbante
The atmospheric chemistry of iodine and bromine in polar regions is of interest due to the key role of halogens in many atmospheric processes, particularly tropospheric ozone destruction. Bromine is emitted from the open ocean but is enriched above first-year sea ice during springtime bromine explosion events, whereas iodine is emitted from biological communities hosted by sea ice. It has been previously demonstrated that bromine and iodine are present in Antarctic ice over glacial-interglacial cycles....
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