(Supplementary Table 1) Iceberg-rafted debris (IBRD) mass accumulation rates (MAR) of IODP site 318-U1361, supplement to: Patterson, Molly O; McKay, Robert M; Naish, Timothy R; Escutia, Carlota; Jiménez-Espejo, Francisco J; Raymo, Maureen E; Meyers, Stephen R; Tauxe, Lisa; Brinkhuis, Hendrik; Klaus, Adam; Fehr, Annick; Bendle, James A; Bijl, Peter K; Bohaty, Steven M; Carr, Stephanie A; Dunbar, Robert B; Flores, José-Abel; Gonzàlez, Jhon Jairo; Hayden, Travis G; Iwai, Masao; Katsuki, Kota; Kong, Gee Soo; Nakai, Mutsumi; Olney, Matthew P; Passchier, Sandra; Pekar, Stephen F; Pross, Jörg; Riesselman, Christina R; Röhl, Ursula; Sakai, T; Shrivastava, Prakash Kumar; Stickley, Catherine E; Sugasaki, S; Tuo, Shouting; van de Flierdt, Tina; Welsh, Kevin; Williams, T; Yamane, Masako (2014): Orbital forcing of the East Antarctic ice sheet during the Pliocene and Early Pleistocene. Nature Geoscience, 7(11), 841-847

Molly O Patterson, Robert M McKay, Timothy R Naish, Carlota Escutia, Francisco J Jiménez-Espejo, Maureen E Raymo, Stephen R Meyers, Lisa Tauxe, Hendrik Brinkhuis, Adam Klaus, Annick Fehr, James A Bendle, Peter K Bijl, Steven M Bohaty, Stephanie A Carr, Robert B Dunbar, José-Abel Flores, Jhon Jairo Gonzàlez, Travis G Hayden, Masao Iwai, Kota Katsuki, Gee Soo Kong, Mutsumi Nakai, Matthew P Olney, Sandra Passchier … & Masako Yamane
The Pliocene and Early Pleistocene, between 5.3 and 0.8 million years ago, span a transition from a global climate state that was 2-3 °C warmer than present with limited ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere to one that was characterized by continental-scale glaciations at both poles. Growth and decay of these ice sheets was paced by variations in the Earth's orbit around the Sun. However, the nature of the influence of orbital forcing on the...
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