Dissolved and dissolvable iron concentrations and ligand characteristics in samples taken during POLARSTERN expedition ARK-XXII/2 to the Arctic Ocean

Charles-Edouard Thuróczy, Loes J A Gerringa, Maarten B Klunder, Patrick Laan, M Le Guitton & Hein J W de Baar
The speciation of iron was investigated in three shelf seas and three deep basins of the Arctic Ocean in 2007. The dissolved fraction (<0.2 µm) and a fraction < 1000 kDa were considered here. In addition, unfiltered samples were analyzed. Between 74 and 83% of dissolved iron was present in the fraction < 1000 kDa at all stations and depth, except at the chlorophyll maximum (42-64%). Distinct trends in iron concentrations and ligand characteristics were...
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