(Table 2) Organochlorine concentrations in polar bears (Ursus maritimus) from East Greenland 1999-2001, supplement to: Dietz, Rune; Rigét, Frank F; Sonne, Christian; Letcher, Robert J; Born, Erik W; Muir, Derek C G (2004): Seasonal and temporal trends in polychlorinated biphenyls and organochlorine pesticides in East Greenland polar bears (Ursus maritimus), 1990-2001. Science of the Total Environment, 331(1-3), 107-124

Rune Dietz, Frank F Rigét, Christian Sonne, Robert J Letcher, Erik W Born & Derek C G Muir
Persistent organochlorine (OC) contaminants (PCBs, DDTs, chlordanes (CHLs), dieldrin, hexachlorocyclohexanes (HCHs), chlorobenzenes (CBzs)) were determined in adipose tissue of 92 polar bears (Ursus maritimus) sampled between 1999 and 2001 in central East Greenland (69°00'N to 74°00'N). OC data were presented from subadults (S: females: <5 years and males: <6 years), adult females (F: >=5 years) and adult males (M: >=6 years). Summed chlorobiphenyl (SumCBs) concentrations (41 congeners including co-eluters), SumCHLs and SumDDTs were the dominant...
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