Radiocarbon age, and sedimentation and accumulation rate of core JM05-G001 obtained during Jan Mayen cruise JM050704 to the Barents Sea, supplement to: Wilson, Laurie J; Hald, Morten; Godtliebsen, Fred (2011): Foraminiferal faunal evidence of twentieth-century Barents Sea warming. The Holocene, 21(4), 527-537

Laurie J Wilson, Morten Hald & Fred Godtliebsen
Instrumental monitoring of the climate at high northern latitudes has documented the ongoing warming of the last few decades. Climate modelling has also demonstrated that the global warming signal will be amplified in the polar region. Such temperature increases would have important implications on the ecosystem and biota of the Barents Sea. This study therefore aims to reconstruct the climatic changes of the Barents Sea based on benthic foraminifera over approximately the last 1400 years...
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