Age determination and sedimentology of sediment core Lz1101 from the Melles Lake, supplement to: Klug, Martin; Bennike, Ole; Wagner, B (2009): Repeated short-term bioproductivity changes in a coastal lake on Store Koldewey, northeast Greenland: an indicator of varying sea-ice coverage? The Holocene, 19(4), 653-663

Martin Klug, Ole Bennike & Bernd Wagner
A lacustrine sediment core from Store Koldewey, northeast Greenland, was biogeochemically, biologically and sedimentologically investigated in order to reconstruct long- and short-term climatic and environmental variability. The chronology of the uppermost 189 cm of the record is based on ten 14C AMS age determinations of aquatic mosses. The record covers almost the entire Holocene and revealed changes on multidecadal to centennial scales. Dating of the oldest mosses shows that lacustrine biogenic productivity already began at...
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