Benthic foraminifera abundance data of sediment core GeoB7926-2, supplement to: McKay, Claire L; Filipsson, Helena L; Romero, Oscar E; Stuut, Jan-Berend W; Donner, Barbara (2014): Pelagic–benthic coupling within an upwelling system of the subtropical northeast Atlantic over the last 35 ka BP. Quaternary Science Reviews, 106, 299-315

Claire L McKay, Helena L Filipsson, Oscar E Romero, Jan-Berend W Stuut & Barbara Donner
We present a high resolution, multiproxy study of the relationship between pelagic and benthic environments of a coastal upwelling system in the subtropical NE Atlantic Ocean. Marine sediments corresponding to late MIS3 to the Holocene in the radiocarbon dated core GeoB7926, retrieved off Mauritania (21°N) were analysed to reconstruct productivity in surface waters and its linkage to deep waters during the last 35 ka BP. High latitude cold events and changes in atmospheric and oceanographic...
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