(Table 5) Palaeoclimatic, anatomic and photosynthetic data used for mechanistic carbon dioxide modelling for the Paleogene basin in Hungary and Slovenia

Boglarka Erdei, Torsten Utescher, Lilla Hably, Julia Tamas, Anita Roth-Nebelsick & Michaela Grein
V wind and mitochondrial respiration rate in the light (Rd) = rough estimate. Depth of assimilation tissue (dst), depth of stomatal pore (dst), and mitochondrial respiration rate in the light (Rd) = estimates derived from Dungan et al. (2003), Dungan & Whitehead (2006), Gamage & Jesson (2007) and Gamage (2010) for extant Elaeocarpaceae * derived from d13C of sun leaves. All other calculation = this study.# = values constrain the overlapping interval.
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